Designer table tops with custom design will exceed your expectations. Aluminum punch metal tables in a wide variety of patterns and fashionable designs. Add your resort theme park name & logo. These beautiful tables look great indoors.

Custom designs to suite your style and theme. Available in many different colors and textures. Our patio furniture decor will impress you and your guests year round!
Innovative one of a kind furniture designs by Florida Patio

Design Top Tables
A collection of Sunfire Top Tables

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 Available Sizes:

Round Sizes Square Sizes Oval Sizes Rectangle Sizes
18″  18″x 18″  18″ x 34″  18″ x 34″
 24″  24″ x 24″  36″ x 72″  36″ x 72″
 30″  30″ x 30″  42″ x 76″  42″ x 76″
 36″  36″ x 36″
 42″  42″ x 42″
 48″  48″ x 48″

Every size and design is available for every furniture line we offer in both punch top and solid top. The material used to manufacture the frame varies from one line to another so please call for exact pricing.

Aluminum Patio Furniture Table Patterns by Florida Patio

Custom Family Name Table

We Do Custom Too! Get Your Family Name or Your Company Logo!
Call: (866) 557-2846 for pricing.

Furniture Line Frame Sizes:

Furniture Line Frame Sizes by Florida Patio

* All frame material is .o62″ thick 100% Pure Extruded Aluminum!

* Our Hurricane & Millennium lines are Extra-Heavy Duty!
Made from 1/8″ thick 100% Pure Extruded Aluminum!

Custom Designs like company logos, family crest, etc. are also available!