Is Free Shipping Really Free?

Florida Patio President Jimmy Stewart talks about “Free Shipping” :


Q: Free Shipping…..What’s The Catch?

A: Jimmy Stewart: “There’s no free lunch! Nothing is free!. The cost of those chaises would be 100 to 150 dollars less if they charged the regular price of the shipping. Which generally, what I found, on a say 1500 to 3000 dollar order, it’s about 15 to 20 dollar per chaise lounge to ship your furniture to you.”

“So‚ there’s no free lunch. All they’ve done is doubled the price and included the maximum amount of (the shipping) would cost them. And they actually make money on freight. We don’t try to make money on freight here we just want to cover the cost on freight. So.. our price on freight, you’ll pay so much less and get far a superior product!”

“On most that I have seen‚ the furniture is from China and is substandard in my opinion. It’s .047 gauge aluminum. It’s not .063! The use (.047 gauge material) and break it down into 2 or three parts instead of one long piece. It’s generally a “come on”! You think you’re getting a good deal but your really not getting a deal at all!”